12 ins and outs to visit Kolkata ‘the City of Joy’ Again and Again

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A history rich neighborhood Kolkata have the finest attractive features that one would love to enjoy. As popular by the name” the City of Joy” this place have the thousands of features starting from temples full of pilgrims to historic buildings.

Formerly known as the Calcutta, India’s Third Largest city is overcrowded with it vintage surroundings. Being the cultural and political capital of Bengal Kolkata continues to embrace the beauty of Historical and cultural heritage in its veins. Kolkata was once colony of British reign, one of their vibrant settings. It witnessed the various ups and downs of the throne and the political upsurge of different rulers in different times at a stretch.


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Kolkata has beautiful monuments and historical places.


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The transport system of Kolkata is well connected, especially, I am talking about the beautiful Tram ride, brings in an exceptional feeling when you are inside it. In fact, you will find transports like Underground metro, Rickshaw, ferries and rickshaws.


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Kolkata is rich with complex set of famous Architectural Structures like Howrah Bridge.

Beauty of Howrah Bridge in the Night
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Kolkata is home of world famous personalities starting from RabindraNath Tagore,Mother Teresa, Satyendra Nath Bose, C.V. Raman, Lakshmi Mittal, Subhas Chandra Bose, Amartya Sen, Swami Vivekananda and many more.

You will find exceptional Historical temples in Kolkata.

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Kolkata and celebration are like two sides of the same coin, it goes hand in hand, hence, the amazing celebration of Durga Puja, urges people to visit Kolkata during October month. In fact, it is not limited here, diverse other pujas including Kali Puja, Ganesh Puja, Kartik puja, Saraswati Puja, and many more lined up in almost all the months of the year. The Bengali Phrase” Baro Mashe Tero Parbon” is just ‘perfect’ for Kolkata. Durga puja is no less than the “Kumbh-ka- Mela” where most of the kids get lost in almost every movie of Bollywood.

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Kolkata is full of Local Shops offering diverse clothing and street food both are just ’Awesome’.

Gariahat Market
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Kolkata boosts some of the best sea-foods, street foods, and different preparations of fishes, rolls, and sandesh that will drive you crazy. “A paradise for Foodie” – I am in too!

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Bengal renaissance is actively seen in the environment of Kolkata which is full of literature, theatre, art and poetry.

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Kolkata is home to many traditional craftsmen and weavers, you can buy beautiful Kolkata sarees to adorn the women, the beauty of Kolkata gracefully.


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Kolkata is the cheapest of all the cities of India, in fact the cultural heritage is richest among all the cities of India.

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Special charm of Bengalis mechanised with Tea, Adda and Regionalism.

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Kolkata a lively surroundings- It has Live Music- yes, I am just not kidding! You will experience a beauty of live hard rock music in Kolkata.

Anjan Dutta Live in a Concert, Kolkata 
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This is Kolkata through ,my lens.

Discover Kolkata in your own way.



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