Singalila charm! Go for a trip

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A breathtaking view of the mountains of the eastern Himalayan peaks and the wildlife together entail enhancing the beauty of the Singalila National Park. As you move upwards diverse series of mountains Kanchenjunga and Sandakphu appears close offering a panoramic beauty of nature stretching over 300 kilometers from Sikkim and Bhutan, all the way up to Arunachal Pradesh.


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The safari jeep ride in the park to glance at the beautiful wildlife long-tailed minivet, blood pheasant, black-throated & brown parrot bill, robins of many types, cuckoo, slender-billed babbler, satyr tragopan, fire-tailed myzornis and lot more, coming down to Manebhanjan, the start point of the ride.

#Meghma Singalila National Park


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Singalila National Park is a beautiful green painted forest at the high altitude of the mountain. The boulders roads are the only communication trial with humans directly to the park. The greenish carpet of extended flora and fauna enhances the freshness in the air. The forests are full of deep gorges which disable a traveler to go deep inside.

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#Kalipokhri Singalila National Park


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I visited the place in around the Winter, it is to be noted that both winter and spring season like October to Early December and March to May are the best time to view the enchanting outlook of Singalila. I, fortunately, observed the dazzling beauty of clear blue sky which made my trip most memorable one.

Singalila National Park has tow broad ranges. The southern range starts from Mamabhanjan extending till the Tonglu, Tumling, Gairibas, Kalipokhari and even Bikheybhanjan. Whereas, the other moves to the Sandakphu and beyond Phalut – the highest ranges of Singalila.

#Garibus Singalila National Park


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You will be overwhelmed to see the beauty of the creature and the wildlife which resides in such a pure and lovely place.

My short trip to Singalila range has imbibed in me a strong urge to write on it, to really show the new goers that how beautiful nature is!


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